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“Il Colle Tinto” winery was founded in 2017 with the aim of producing Tintila, a typical and excellent wine from Molise. Great attention to quality of the product we have recovered a crop that was abandoned in the past to be replaced by vines of lesser value but greater yield.
Our passion has a long History: We started at the beginning of the twentieth century, made up of work and passion for the production of quality grapes and wine, respecting the environment and territory, combining traditional systems and modern technologies.
The company is located in Castropignano, in the heart of the historic Sannio, in an area particularly suited to the production of Tintilia.
Our vision is to give you the best wine according to the farming experience acquired over the years using most recent technologies and studies on viticulture, and environmental respectfully.

Our Wine

Our vineyard is designed to integrate into the environmental context of the area, and it develops along a hilly relief above 700 m a.s.l., with a density of about 5000 plants per hectare. The Tintilia vines are set on soils consisting of clays, limestone and sands, typical of that Molise area, which give the soil chemical-physical characteristics that are perfectly combined with the cultivated variety. The dry and breezy climate limits the use of sulfur and copper-based treatments to a minimum to protect the vines from attack by fungi and parasites.
We choice to cultivate a spurred cordon and the cultivation operations aimed at a very low yield in accordance with the natural vegetative balance of the vines, are the basis of scientific evaluations aimed at obtaining a quality product. The careful pruning, the choice of buds, the right spacing between the green clusters and the thinning of the leaves allows for perfectly ripe grapes, harvested by hand only after careful monitoring of the sugar content.

We use only Tintilia grapes for our “DOC” red wine.
Il nostro Tintilia DOC 2019 è stato inserito dagli assaggiatori dell'ONAV nella guida Prosit, la prestigiosa guida perenne dei vini d'Italia


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